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Acquisition is defined as: acquiring control of a business by stock or asset purchase either hostile or friendly.

In today’s business world mergers and acquisitions are a fact of life. Many of these transactions receive extensive media coverage, while most go relatively unnoticed. These deals can be worth hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars and can determine the future of these companies for years to come. An acquisition could be the passing of a small family business to the next generation. Merger and acquisition attorneys are an integral part of this process by ironing out all the legal details to make this transition as smooth as possible. The terms merger and acquisition are usually used simultaneously, but they do have slightly different meanings. A merger is the combining of two or more companies to form a larger one. It is usually a mutual decision between the companies. An acquisition occurs when one company buys a majority interest in another.

Mergers and acquisitions involve very complex legal issues. As a result, merger and acquisition lawyers are involved in every step of the process. Businesses depend on the legal expertise of these lawyers to achieve the most favorable results for all parties involved.

When companies merge with or acquire other companies, I am effective in working with your business team to make sure technical assets, such as patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets are protected. I also perform due diligence and contract reviews.

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I am committed to helping my clients succeed. My undergraduate degrees in chemical engineering and mathematics give me the necessary technical and scientific education required to understand your technical assets and business.

I am dedicated to my clients and to offering personal service. I am serious about taking the time to understand my clients’ business goals and working to tackle the legal issues necessary to accomplish those goals.

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