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The creativity and innovation of the human mind benefits society as a whole. Inventors use their brain power to come up with technical solutions to solve problems. Artists and writers use their creative powers to bless the world with literature, films, games, and music. Trademarks help consumers distinguish and determine the quality of goods. All these products of the human mind, known as “intellectual property,” deserve to be rewarded and protected.

Acquiring and keeping that protection involves a great deal of regulation and complicated paperwork, however, which is why having an experienced intellectual property attorney can help you protect your right to your work.

Northern California, Central & Southern Oregon Patent Attorney

Licensed in both California and Oregon and registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office, I assist national, international, California, and Oregon clients with their intellectual property and business needs.

To find a knowledgeable California or Oregon patent and trademark lawyer to protect your intellectual property interests, contact me at Jerry Haynes Law in Medford, Oregon to schedule a consultation. You may also download my free brochure.

Technical and Business Solutions

I strive to protect your intellectual property and help your business safeguard its intellectual capital. I will do this by making sure your patent application is properly prepared and prosecuted before the PTO and filing trademark applications to protect your business and product names.

With a focus on technical solutions, I help businesses get off to a good start with non-disclosure and licensing agreements for technology and software. I am experienced at working to make sure intellectual and technical assets are properly protected during mergers and acquisitions. In day-to-day operations and business transactions, I draft employee, intellectual property assignment, manufacturing, supply, marketing, and licensing agreements. For businesses that are winding down, I help make sure assets are properly assessed and disposed of.

Here to Help You Succeed

Whatever your intellectual property and business needs are, at Jerry Haynes Law, you will find an experienced attorney who is here to help you succeed. I will carefully listen to your business goals. To help you achieve those goals, I will help you understand the technical aspects of your intellectual property legal issues and handle all intellectual property registry, patent prosecution and related matters.

Contact me for a consultation. My fees are reasonable and I will work with you on payment plans. For your convenience I accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.