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“Licensing” is granting permission to use intellectual property rights, such as trademarks, patents, or technology, under defined conditions.

Patent licensing benefits an inventor who lacks the resources or interest to manufacture and market the idea. It also benefits the manufacturer by reducing the need for costly research and development departments while obtaining unique ideas.

Trademark licensing is necessary when you wish to allow others to use your business or product names.

I can assist you with the licensing process and also help you license your invention, software, or trademarks to your business partners.

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I am committed to helping my clients succeed. My undergraduate degrees in chemical engineering and mathematics give me the necessary technical and scientific education required to understand your technical assets and business.

I am dedicated to my clients and to offering personal service. Although I often meet informally with my clients in coffee shops, I am serious about taking the time to understand my clients’ business goals and working to tackle the legal issues necessary to accomplish those goals.

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