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In today’s competitive knowledge-based economy, protecting your intellectual property is vitally important to your business’ success. No matter what size or industry, and even entire national economies, businesses and individuals depend on IP for growth and leadership.

But it’s not enough to have great IP (intellectual property). In today’s world you must be great in managing it. Your company’s IP strategy should align with its business strategy in order to thrive. However, this is not an easy goal to achieve. The constantly shifting cloud of people, activities, assets and organizations that come together to create IP make it difficult to see the big picture, let alone track and manage it.

A well-managed intellectual property program should include the following components:

  • Disclosure: Employees should feel at ease with bringing their inventions, designs, product names and other ideas to their management team. Have employees fill out an Invention Disclosure Form to document their ideas.
  • Evaluation: Create a system of evaluation so that protection is provided for those ideas that could become a valuable asset.
  • Ownership: Enable a clear system for determining ownership among employee developed patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets.
  • Documentation: Make sure that all inventions, developments are properly documented.
  • Risk of Infringement: Minimize the risk of infringing upon the intellectual rights of others.
  • Protection: Keep a close eye on products and market position to ensure that patents are providing effective protection.
  • Monitoring Infringers: Monitor the competition to identify potential infringers upon your intellectual property rights.

IP Services
JERRY HAYNES LAW provides the following IP Services:

  • Audits and Categorization: I can help implement a program that will help educate your scientists and engineers to better understand how to protect your new ideas. Additionally, we can look at your technology and perform a gap analysis or identify areas that could be protected more effectively. This analysis will allow us to identify strengths and weaknesses in the current process and to design and effective intellectual property plan that will protect you against your competitors.
  • Patent Mining: Often companies have more valuable intellectual property assets than they realize. I can analyze your existing patent portfolio to identify potentially infringed or underutilized patents. We can then create a licensing and enforcement program that could include contingent recovery or other alternative fee engagements.

Throughout the management process I will keep you fully informed about intellectual property initiatives and threats at all times. From patent and trademark procurement to threat assessment, patent mining, licensing and other critical processes, I will provide an unparalleled service to manage intellectual property.